Look What Else Hillary Did To Our White House, Besides Stealing Our Valuables

hillary stole white house

Hillary Clinton is white trash in a suit (and a very unflattering suit, at that), and her actions while leaving the White House as first lady way back in 2001 prove that.

Many people tend to forget how the Clintons conducted themselves as they were leaving 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue when the Bush’s were moving in. Many more are merely too young to remember. However, based upon the facts, one would agree that the Clintons left the White House, not like a former President and his first lady, but more like a couple of white trash dead beats who’d been evicted.

The Clintons stole furniture which had been donated during their reign of political correctness and affirmative action. They also stole door knobs, and in proper white trash smartassness fashion, they took all the W’s off of all the keyboards.

An investigation was actually done into their heinous looting of our Nation’s capital building, and here is what was found according to Mad World News (yes, we know they’re a mostly fake news site, but this story is actually true):

clinton stole 2

Let’s remind everyone of how much white trash the Clintons are, and lets make sure we get some class back in the White House after the current ghetto trash who is living there moves out.

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    Wonder how much Hillary will rent out the Lincoln bedroom for this time? I bet $50,000.00 won’t touch it this time.

  • Margaret McGuire

    Hillary is a total piece of crap. I wouldn’t believe what she says if my life depended on it. Her and her husband have gotten away with they should finally be held accountable.