Video…Massive Bio-Terror Attack Planned on America!!! Jade Helm 16!!!

soviet bio weapons 2


This is an emergency broadcast of the Red List News. Make this go viral. Paul Martin’s insider sources are telling him that a massive bio-terror attack is being planned, which will be followed by martial law. Additionally, the citizens of Ft. Collins would be wise to look at what’s going on at the former football home of Colorado State’s Hughes Field.

The cell phones are going down, as the covert first responders are being equipped with satellite phones. FEMA coffins are being stockpiled and there are multiple briefings taking place.  Continuity of government is about to be enforced (ie martial law) and Paul’s main source said “when martial law comes down, where you are at, is where you will stay”.

By common sense
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  • Mary

    Our military better do whatever very very soon, remove Obama and put him behind bars, and save our Nation.