Hillary to Resign Presidential Bid?!!


Have you noticed?

1) Seeded articles over time regarding Hillary’s health … coughing fits, fresnel lenses after a concussion etc …

2) Before the general election begins, Trump is pulling ahead before even debating her once …

3) At the outset of the DNC primary things are in disarray … DNC email, her email, protests that make the GOP convention look like a tea social, Clinton Foundation under intense scrutiny, etc …

4) Through the primaries, Trump has been establishing his bona fides and winning hearts and minds across parties … whereas Hillary has been spending equal time (if not more) deflecting, avoiding and ducking questions and concerns about her past, her credibility, her trustworthiness, her true loyalties. her real intentions, and so on. How long has it been since she last gave a press conference? … quite a while, and softball, scripted interviews with political allies don’t count.

5) Bernie supporters are set to defect in droves and vote for Trump … ‘Never Hillary’ has far more momentum and boots on the ground than ‘Never Trump’ ever did.

The winds appear to be blowing strongly against Hillary’s credibility, trustworthiness and therefore Presidential bid. How long will the money sharks keep pouring funds into a dead horse?

— Is Kaine the DNC ‘safety net’ if her campaign implodes under such pressure?

— Could Hillary bow out before facing a humiliating defeat with the ‘plausible deniablity’ of health problems? Her ego could never take losing and the DNC would be nuts if they were not looking at her as EXTREMELY ‘damaged goods’.

Considering the ongoing and mounting evidence of criminal acts by her, Bill and the CGI foundation; if she loses there is a dark future ahead for the Clintons and their ‘friends’ … notice that Trumps AG pick is Trey Goudy, no less a tenacious bulldog than Trump himself.

If Hillary cannot ‘guarantee’ herself a Presidential win, she cannot therefore guarantee herself the ability to seal all her records (like Obama did) and those of her family and associates, from scrutiny and therefore from the spectre of prosecution at some future point in time.

If Hillary cannot be assured of a win, it’s a good bet she will withdraw from the race, citing health issues, and retire to a location without an extradition treaty … taking the CGI funds with her as ‘comfort money’ to ease her pains about losing an election to a past that finally caught up with her.

America is at a turning point … be careful how you use your vote. Casting a ballot for someone with NO CHANCE of winning may assuage your ‘political conscience’ … but may also destroy your country and it’s future.

By Feudal Serf

(Before It’s News)


  • Jenna McCoy

    h how I wish this was true, but she will NEVER give up. her people don’t let her see anything negative against her unless she needs to deflect it.

    • frosed

      The FBI works for Obama. So how can she be charged and jailed?

      • Alice Severson

        Duhhh!!!! When Trump is President-the FBI will work for him…that was the point of the article.

  • aussiewoodford

    I can not wait any longer to see that criminal in jail for fraud, cheating elections and tax dealing ??

  • Alice Severson

    Good points!!!!

  • Cali Jeff

    I’m more afraid of the progressives stealing the election, they have no morals and will do anything they can to win.