(Watch) Conservative Black Man SHREDS BLM Terrorists With FACTS About How Many WHITE Americans Have Been Killed By Cops!


There’s one thing that liberals, communists and domestic terrorists, like those in the Black Lives Matter movement, the only domestic terrorist group ever to be fully sanctioned and supported by a sitting President and the mainstream media, hates, and that is FACTS!

Listen to my man Kevin Jackson just SHRED the terrorists of BLM apart with these facts. Nearly twice as many white people as black people are killed each year by police officers, and you never hear about it.

Now be ready for all the “Uncle Tom” comments in the comment section, but hey, let’s compare Kevin’s bank account to the thugs that will call him an Uncle Tom and then let’s say it all together…

“Piss off, peasants!”

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  • William White

    God bless you and keep you safe, Kevin Jackson!