BREAKING: Hillary Panicking After She’s Caught Using Horrifying Racial Slur – ‘F*cking J*w Bas*ard’

hillary panicking jew boy

It’s official. Hillary Rodham Clinton is bulletproof! She is titanium! Take her down, but she won’t fall… she is titanium!

After the FBI refused to indict Crooked Hillary Clinton for her treasonous ways in regard to her activities on her private server, it is up to the American people to indict her in November, via a vote for Donald Trump.

It should come as no surprise that Hillary, feeling so bulletproof, thinks she can do or say anything. This dreadful story, courtesy of media outlet Mr. Conservative, in which it is pointed out that Hillary uses racial and ethnic slurs against people who disagree with her is absolute proof!

hillary jew boy 2

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