Man Gets Pulled Over By A Cop… What His Wife Does Next Will Make You LOL!

cop pulls over husband and wife

So a husband and wife were going down the road when a cop pulled them over. He came to the car and asked the man if he knew why he’d pulled him over. The man said no, and the cop told him it was because he was doing 75 in a 55. The man said he was only doing 65, and his wife said, “Oh, Harry. You were doing 80!” The cop gave the woman a dirty look.

The cop then told the man he had a tail light that was out. When the man played dumb and claimed he hadn’t known, his wife said, “Oh, Harry. You’ve known that light’s been out for months.” The man gave the woman a dirty look.

The cop then told the man he was going to write him up for not wearing his seat belt. When the man told the cop he’d only taken the seat belt off because he saw him approaching, the woman said, “Oh Harry. You never wear your seat belt.”

“Shut up, woman!” Harry said.

“Ma’am?” the cop said. “Does your husband always talk to you like that?”

“Only when he’s drunk,” she said.

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