ALERT: If You Spot A Duffle Bag On The Road, Here’s Why You Should NOT Stop…

duffle bag on road

If you’re driving down the road, especially through a very secluded area, and you see a big fat duffel bag sitting in the road, you may feel compelled to stop. However, you should not! Doing so might cost you your life!

1 duffle dead

A 60 year old Maryland man, Charles Gilhart, above, was driving down the road recently when he spotted one such bag. His curiosity got the best of him and he got out to investigate, when the three criminal thugs who’d lain the bag out as a trap, pictured below, shot him to death and then robbed him.

3 duffle scums

Ryan Lynn Horton, 27; Christian Sage Harris, 19; and Emily Belle Tucker, 21, shot and killed a 60 year old man for all of $24, the total amount they got from the man’s wallet.

This is sick! And it’s all the result of an entitlement minded society where people have been lead by an ever socialistic Government to believe that people who have more should just give to people who have less.

There’s never been a better reason than this to VOTE TRUMP!

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