School Gives White Teacher Nasty Surprise After Black Thug Calls Him N*gg*r

white teacher thug

Wow! Here’s one that will go down in memory as one of the most reverse racist acts in public school history!

A high school gym teacher from Hewlett High School in Hewlett, New York has been suspended from his job for doing his job.

A disrespectful ghetto thug was using his cell phone to text while in class. After the teacher asked him to put it away, the thug refused. He continued texting and mouthed the teacher off and told him he could do whatever he wanted to do and that he did not have to listen to him.

The exchange became heated, and the two began yelling at each other, but it got really heated when the thug called the teacher, who happened to be white, the “N” word.

If you ever needed any more reason to pull your kids out of the American public school system and either homeschool them or send them to private school, here it is.

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  • kenny walker

    no real story here we all know that 90% of racist in this country are blacks and liberals and we all know that teachers,cops and any authority figure is the one punished to keep the racist pieces of shit destroying the country

  • Mark

    As far as I’m concerned it’s open season on uppity as-wipe ni-gers from here on out.

  • DianeR

    Why anyone in their right mind would want to become a teacher and put up with all kinds of crap is beyond me. EVERYBODY needs an education and they need to pay attention in class. Kids should have to turn off their phones and put them in a basket on the teacher’s desk when they enter class. What is the big deal with the N word. Why can’t we just say nigger? The blacks say it all the time and when I was in school the dictionary had the word in it and the definition was a black person. So sick of politically correctness. They can call me a cracker, white-ie or anything else they want to. I don’t care. Why do they have to be so sensitive?