Video…USGS Alert West Coast!!! Devastating Mega Earthquake & Tsunami to Hit West Coast of US!!!

quake west

According to the U.S.G.S. the Big one is an almost certainty!  Famed USGS scientist Jim Berkland, Has predicted major events before has said that a Massive Earthquake was headed to the West Coast of the United States following what has happened in  Ecuador and Japan that have left hundreds dead and many more homeless.

“Beware the new and full moons,” Berkland says in this exclusive interview. The “maverick geologist” says that 20 of the last 25 “megaquakes” have occurred on the dates of new and full moons, the result of “equinoctal tides,” extreme gravitational forces that cause solid earth to expand and contract much as ocean tides rise and fall.

Berkland says that he is particularly worried about the San Andreas Fault in the LA Basin and the Cascadia Subduction Zone along the coast of Oregon and Washington State, where a long overdue earthquake would undoubtedly be accompanied by a massive tsunami that could kill thousands and cause billions of dollars in property damage.

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Be Prepared for the worstwith knowing God!

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Romans 3:23.
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1 Corinthians 15:3-4.
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Romans 6:23.
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Acts 16:31.
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