2016 Chevy Camaro SS “Was A Blur” At 171 MPH!!



First of all, the 1SS Camaro in question was dressed in Jet Black, a fitting color name for a machine going that fast. Then there’s the muscle car battle that becomes obvious when mentioning the fact that the Camaro was chased by a Dodge Charger police car, as the local media reports.

The slab of GM was being honed on Highway 61, in the proximity of Duluth, with Hermantown Police Department Deputy Chief Shawn Padden being the one who spotted the reckless driver.

“He was going north, or east, toward Two Harbors. … The first speed that came up was 171, then 168 and then 143. When he went by me it was a blur. You get used to seeing people going 65 or 70 and what that looks like. But I’ve never seen anything like this. It’s like a rocket on wheels at that point,” the officer explained.

As if the whole situation were part of a Hollywood production, the Charger made a violent U-turn, with the policeman accelerating up to 135 in order to approach the speeding driver enough for the police lights to become visible.

The driver, a 36-year-old Lakeside man, quickly obeyed the signals, pulling his Camaro over. While the man said he wasn’t aware of his speed, an unidentified woman was riding shotgun.

The driver now faces up to 90 days behind bars, a $1,000 fine and even revocation of his license under Minnesota law, as a result of the careless driving charges being pressed against him.

Returning to the automotive side of the tale, last time we checked, the 2016 Camaro SS had a top speed of around 160 mph. So we’re looking at an episode somewhat similar to the one that saw the Camaro one-upping the C7 Corvette on the dyno, with the moment taking everybody by surprise.


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