(Video) Liberal Congressman Insults Military Members Then Whines About HIS Sacrifices!!



Liberal Congressman, Sam Farr from California, is so far out of touch with reality in America he may never find his way back.  This “man” had the audacity to whine and complain about his salary and pension DURING a Congressional hearing on compensation for our MILITARY members!

Congressman Farr feels that his puny salary of $174,000 a year and his retirement package, which includes $60,000 a year,  isn’t enough.  After all, he’s been in Congress collecting a check for 26 years.  And based on this video, he’s way overpaid.

Would you exchange your annual income and your retirement package for the income and retirement package of a U.S. Congressman?


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  • Michael Schneider

    I really feel I’ll with this narcissistic panzy. From beginning of comparing the military to his type of work then convey of his retirement being small. Have you ever in your life done any hard work. I do mean a extensively hard physical labor and not pencil pushing mental stress work. Please shut your mouth and stop making others sick.