(Video) What This Father Tells His Children Is Disgusting and Vile, Why Do Parents Do This??



What this father says to his kids is further proof that these people have no morals and will harm those they should be protecting so they can pass their skewed view of the world onto the next generation.

This is said to take place at an anti-Trump protest in New York City and what this father tells his kids to do to the ‘Vets for Trump’ supporters, who are there with pro-Trump signs, will make you shudder.

Father to kids:

“See them, look them in the eye! Look at ’em in the eye, cause we’re gonna be fighting against them. 

Learn from that. Look at them in the eye. Alright!

This one too, look at ’em another one. KKK supporter! Both of them. Both of them, alright.”


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  • DK

    What a total effin idiot. What he going to do is get his children killed on the streets. Why would anyone go to such extremes. That guy looks old enough to know who MLK,Jr is right. Obama has turned this country on it’s ear and we need Trump to turn it back around. I guess they choose to stay in the ghetto as opposed to working like most of us. We need another MLK before it all goes to hell! There is no one talking sense to these people and it’s very sad that they have sunk so low.