(Videos) Will A Massive False Flag Turn A Denver Airport Conspiracy Theory To Realty??


An action by Congress this past week could be a clue for an imminent false flag event many Americans have been waiting for.  Conspiracy theorists have been talking about possible uses for the Denver International Airport for two decades.  Theories include it being a One World Hub or the headquarters for the NWO with the murals showing how they will commit genocide of those who will fight against them. Then there’s this theory that has theorists on high-alert today, it’ll be the new U.S. Capital when Washington D.C. is destroyed in a false flag event.

The clue that most Americans didn’t catch is that Congress cut funding for the JLENS, Joint Land Attack Cruise Missile Defense Elevated Netted Sensor, a high-tech radar system that guards the D.C. region by detecting and intercepting enemy missiles or planes.

It does seem really suspicious that Congress would choose to eliminate D.C.’s main line of defense against a missile attack when there are so many other ways the could cut wasteful spending.  Doesn’t it make you wonder if there’s some truth to the conspiracy theories?  A false flag attack blamed on another country, say Russia, could be the way to move forward with martial law and a NWO, wouldn’t it?


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The first video is from five years ago and the second is from last fall, the questions are not going away.

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