(Video) Warning!! Is This The Next Step To Advance The ‘Red List/Blue List In America??

A bizarre new story was reported last week that may literally confirm the ‘red list’ conspiracy theory.  It’s no secret that Americans who are Christian, who support the Constitution, who own guns and support their second amendment right, along with many, many others, have been labeled ‘domestic terrorists’ by our government.  This new report says that each of our homes will be given a ‘threat assessment’ level and that people in the homes ‘disappear’ or be ’rounded-up’.  This would make it much easier and quicker wouldn’t it?

The ‘disappear’ and ’round-up’ of American patriots continues to be tied to an economic collapse or a false flag event that would require martial law to be implemented.  And if the U.S. military refuses to round up and disappear Americans who are on these threat lists and living in these designated homes, the United Nations and Foreign troops will.


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