(Videos) Foreign Troops Arrive In Texas To Prepare For The Coming Civil War?



I have a proven confidential source which told me early in the week that foreign troops were arriving in Texas to prepare for the coming civil war. And what specifically are they doing, they will be participating in the UWEX 16 war game which is designed to (1) extract dissidents; (2) engage rogue American military unit who are not on board with the new agenda of the new management which will soon be taking up residence in the White House. Presumably, we are talking about a Clinton presidency.

The above information is from Before It’s News, Common Sense who is reporting that he received confirmation from a civilian contractor who witnessed, and had contact with, these people at an eatery on Camp Bullis, a U.S. military training base in Texas.  This witness reported they were wearing American uniforms, but speaking several foreign languages and said some troops will come in under the UN flag with others coming in under NATO command.  And Common Sense believes these foreign forces have been here since last Fall.

The video below is of an UN Multinational Force Observer was taken in Pennsylvania and posted to YouTube in December 2015.  It took a lot of cojones for this alert and aware citizen to confront this man, who never spoke a word.  Last year while Americans were focused on Jade Helm and the build-up of FEMA camps,  Operation Trident Juncture was in force.  It included 36,000 troops from more than 30 countries and was NATO’s largest exercise in over 10 years.  Was part of this operation taking place in America and is that why this man was here?

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“Foreign occupation forces are training and will be training to overrun this country in a martial law scenario.”  And we all know foreign troops will be needed because it’s highly unlikely that America’s military will break it’s oath to our Constitution.



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  • Patriotic USVeteran1776

    I hope they brought their own body bags, Cause you F*#k with Americans, in AMERICA, you will see a gun behind the blade of every grass. Well I don’t have to explain what happens when you light a match near a warehouse of gun powder.


  • Berlin Veteran

    Keeping my powder dry.

  • hogwild04

    call your Senators this will not be a CIVIL WAR with Foreign Troops

  • Scooter Tramp


  • Les Johnson

    If this is true and these foreign UN soldiers would do anything….It should be considered an ACT of WAR against the US….they should be sent back to their country of origin in body bags~!

  • Diane Nixon

    I have about 5000 rounds waiting for them

  • suzy hager

    Wow, I just read about the New World Order. They want to make one
    country where we’d all follow that. We would not be able to “own” our
    house, it would be socialism. That is why we are going into all this
    globalization stuff. If you don’t do what they say you are DEAD.
    Their plan is also to eliminate 350,000 people at a time through
    starvation, disease, etc. The goal decrease population on this planet.
    They want 3/4 of the population gone. Go google it. Read it.
    You’ll hear the words NWO New World Order Hitler Bush family
    Illuminati Bilderberg Nazi Masonic Skull & Bones Triad
    That is why the Republicans don’t want Cruz or Trump, they both don’t
    “fit” in with the plan. With Cruz it’s because of his Constitution
    stuff, NWO needs that Constitution gone, with Trump he is into borders.
    NWO is trying to get rid of borders. All these free trade agreements
    are part of the NWO plan.

  • I’ve said this for years, but it seems most relevant now.

    I’m calling for ALL county sheriffs to take informal leadership initiative in reaching out to its local militia members. It’s critical that they know each other very well.

    With our national defenses compromised, we must assure the integrity of our nation’s component parts–its states and counties–to keep our freedom. We can keep America if we can keep all of its parts.