More Incredible, Eye-Witness Accounts Of Underwater UFO Sightings At Gitmo!!


The former U.S. Marine who has recently told his story of underwater UFO sightings at Guantanamo Bay isn’t alone, this area seems to be a hot-bed of alien activity.  Accounts of others who’ve witnessed similar UFO movement near our Navy Base in Cuba are similar to his.  Here are two more from witnesses of UFO activity at Gitmo.  The first, ‘UFO Orbs Performing Strange Maneuvers Guantanamo Bay Cuba Reported’ is from and the second, ‘Saucers Over Guantanamo, A Story About Cuba’, is much longer and is from

UFO Orbs Performing Strange Maneuvers Guantanamo Bay Cuba Reported

UFO Sighting Witness Statement Spending much of my childhood years on the U.S. Naval Base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba had its share of adventure and intrigue. Sometime between 1999 and 2001 (before the base was built up to the max security detention center it is, today), some friends and I were en route to another friend’s house in the ‘Nob Hill’ neighborhood right at the base of Skyline Drive (Skyline Drive x 1st Street) and were dropped off by our one friend’s Mom. It was a clear, pitch black night with no street lights around the immediate vicinity of us. After being dropped off, we proceeded to walk to our friend’s house when one of us noticed a very bright white star that seemed out of place. After we got everyone’s attention and pointed up to it, it seemed to realize we were observing it. At this time, the bright white orb/star began to perform some amazing maneuvers that included rapid acceleration, deceleration, zig-zag patterns, and circles in the sky. We were stunned and I couldn’t move an inch. We were teenagers and scared out of our minds! I don’t want to attribute my inability to run away from this event to this being/craft/entity, but anything is possible, I suppose. When we watched it for a few more seconds, another identical bright white orb joined the first orb and they began to circle/dance around each other in a circle pattern. We could not believe our eyes and didn’t know what to do. It wasn’t long after the second orb appeared and they circled each other that one orb shot straight off into space in an instance while the other, remaining orb appeared to grow in size as if it were getting closer to us. At this point, we could not contain ourselves any longer and ran as fast as we could to our friends house. Our parents picked us up shortly after and I will never forget this event. It still makes the hair raise up on my entire body every time I tell the story. There was no sound and the maneuvers were amazing to watch. 

Since the event, I have given my testimony (along with 2 other witnesses who were with me that night) on the History Channel’s UFO Hunters TV series with Bill Birnes. I felt compelled to contact the UFO Hunters about this event while in college watching UFO Hunters on TV when a Navy Petty Officer gave his testimony of two bright white orbs in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba on the Navy Base (same location) a few years prior to our sighting. He claimed that he was out on a pier one night and noticed two bright white orbs circling each other underwater and then shot away without ever coming up into the air. Since he saw the exact same entities performing the exact same maneuvers in the exact same location within a few years of our sighting, I had to share! Maybe the waters around Cuba hold more secrets than we currently know of? 

There is also a Facebook group for past ‘GTMO’ (Guantanamo Bay NAS abbreviation) residents that I am a part of where other people have come forward about UFO sightings similar to mine over the years in different locations on the base, including McCalla Airfield. 

Once you see/experience an extraordinary and utterly unbelievable event like this in your lifetime, you become very open-minded and accepting of any possibilities. The exact coordinates of our UFO sighting via Google Maps was 19.933280, -75.109474 and we were facing West NorthWest while observing the event. From this location, the active airfield is approx. 5.9 miles SouthWest (MUGM).MUFON CMS#74262.  UFO Sightings occurred on June 3 2000

Saucers Over Guantánamo: A Story About Cuba
by Bob Pratt

The story that I was working on about UFOs seen in Cuba didn’t work out.

It started in early May when Scott Corrales picked up a story from Ovnivision, which got it from Terra Net in Chile, about an American researcher named Mike Birds having visited Cuba and learned about some UFO happenings there. Scott passed it on to his network of people, one of them being me. I passed it on to half a dozen others who I thought would be interested. One of them passed it on to still others. One of THEM responded with an email to both my guy and me, even though he didn’t know me. It included an attachment of an email he had sent to some friends on September 23, 2000, saying a flurry of UFOs were seen over the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay in 1958 or 1959, AND that jets were sent up to intercept them. In doing so, he said, they encountered huge mother ships.

If true, that would be astounding. I immediately replied by email asking if he would mind if I shared that info with others. He replied saying that was all right, but I decided I would rather interview him first to get more details. It turned out we live not too far from each other and we set up a luncheon meeting at a local restaurant.

Let’s call this man Bud. Bud said he was 10 or 11 at the time this happened. His father (a high-ranking officer on the base) and mother had been out for the evening, attending the opening of an enlisted men’s club on another part of the base. They were driving home late that night on a lonely two-lane road that went through hilly country. The father was driving.

As they came around a curve in the road they saw a disc-shaped object hovering just above a field on their right, on his mother’s side of the road. It was 30 to 50 feet in diameter and 50 to 100 yards away from them. It was glowing brightly but the light was not blinding. They could see windows in the craft and what appeared to be people passing back and forth beyond the windows, although no features could be seen. This was all observed while the car was stopped. A short time later the craft began to move slowly away and then shot upward into the dark sky. There was no sound heard from the craft as it hovered or later moved.

Bud said he was in his room at home and knew nothing about this at the time, but when his folks came home he heard his father sternly warn his mother not to say anything about the incident to anyone.

Curious, the next day Bud asked his mother why his father had spoken so sternly to her, and she told him what they had seen. He said she described the craft as “two pie plates joined at the edges.”

A day or two later he asked his father about the UFO and his father claimed he didn’t know what Bud was talking about. But the next day when his father went off to work, Bud talked to his mother again and she readily acknowledged that it really had happened just as she had said earlier.

Bud said this happened at a time when UFOs were seen frequently around the base for several months. Many people had seen them and that people (his friends as well as adults) talked openly about it. Furthermore, he said, it was no secret that jet fighters were sent aloft from the Naval Air Station at times to intercept UFOs. He said a base newspaper published stories about pilots chasing UFOs and circling around huge mother ships hovering high in the sky as smaller UFOs returned to it. The mother ships were estimated to be 800 to 900 feet long. Bud says he remembered those measurements because aircraft carriers that came to the base were about 800 feet long. “I remember thinking the mother ships were as big as aircraft carriers,” he said.

This was just before Fidel Castro and his rebel army overthrew the dictator Fulgencio Batista. When Bud’s father’s tour of duty ended in 1959, the family moved to New York State. Bud said when his new schoolmates asked him about life in Cuba, he was surprised that no one knew anything about the UFOs.

Some years later, Bud said, he again asked his father about that night and again his father denied knowing what he was talking about.

Eventually the father retired, and he and Bud’s mother settled down at a home in Long Island for six months during the summer and in another home in southern Florida the rest of the year.

Some years later, after he had grown up and was out on his own, Bud visited his parents and had rented a videotape of the movie Communion to watch with them. Bud said that in one scene a UFO comes down slowly out of the sky and settled in a wooded area, and as they watched this scene Bud’s father suddenly blurted out: “That happened to us in Cuba!”

“My mother nearly fell out of her chair,” Bud said. “She said, ‘THAT’S the first time he’s ever talked about it!'”

Both of Bud’s parents died several years later.

Bud’s father had a longtime friend, another naval man 15 years his junior, who was also at the base at that time. This man is now retired and lives in California. Bud said he visited him last year and asked if he remembered the UFOs. The longtime friend replied, “Oh yes, we used to see them all the time.”

“And the mother ships?” Bud asked. “Oh yes,” the man replied.


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