Law Enforcement Insider Issues Warning To Americans, “If You Don’t Own A Gun, Get One”!!




This letter gives a detailed outline and timetable of how and when events will unfold.  It’s purpose is to give Americans some notice of what’s about to go down and how they can protect themselves and their families in the approaching American civil war.  The anonymous writer is said to be a “police insider” and the letter was posted on a conspiracy forum this past week.

I’m going to dispel a few things then tell you what I know. This is coming from an officer in a small community between Dayton and Cincinnati Ohio, myself. I have friends in many other towns, but more importantly the big Counties of Hamilton and Warren, as well as Dayton and Cincinnati police and SWAT.

First off, there is no overreaching kabal that we are all a part of. I’ve been here 22 years and half the time we are lucky enough to agree on lunch or new tazers, let alone coordinate some effort to help the government take over all of the citizens and throw them in camps. We aren’t stocking bullets, hoarding riot gear, etc. We did have a nice run at gov funded swat equipment (which was really overkill if you ask me) but that’s about it. We didn’t get anywhere near the training needed to actually make it useful.

I will tell you what is in place later in this post, but rest assured from the start there’s no secret plan. The plan isn’t what you should be afraid of. The razors edge is what you really should fear, which is just the opposite.

In my 22 years it has gotten so much worse. Out there. You guys have no idea. I’m not criticizing, but you need to educate yourselves. Lets face it, most of you go to school or work, then home. You’re snug in your beds at night. You’re safe. You’re ignorant. You’re happy.

Its so much worse than it was when i started and its growing exponentially. There’s not a single dept. I know of, from small town to big city that has enough manpower. Most cant respond to property crimes or drug related thefts, because we are too busy dealing with violent crime, or being seen to prevent violent crime. Its a powder keg. Sooner or later(most likely sooner) the criminal mind is going to figure out that they outnumber us and most of us are scared shitless. They think nothing of using guns as young as 9 now. Remember that these cops you think are part of the gov to overthrow you are just people who want to make it home at night.

Yes i know we shouldn’t have taken the job, we knew what it was about. I’m not here for sympathy, I’m here to tell you… its all ending. Your civilized society that allows you to sleep safely at night is on eggshells. The criminals are taking over. We are seeing Latino gangs in Ohio from our porous border. They actually moved here ahead of larger cities because we have less training, they’re not stupid.

The regular citizens (the jobless Obama phone people) are also bolder and more dangerous than ever before. Its never been this bad in my career, this violent, this widespread Everyone has a chip on their shoulder, their crimes aren’t limited to their little hood any more.

There branching out. Everything is up. We spend the majority of our time not fighting crime but just being see, trying to intimidate them into the shadows. We are underfunded and it wont change, that isn’t me begging for money, its me telling you that its going to get worse. We are talking mad max. It could be anything, a solar flare or something, but most likely it will be just something simple. EBT shutting down nation wide. A bad election. The wrong nominee. a police shooting in the wrong place on the wrong color. It will all go to shit, and when it does it will happen fast.

If you live near the hood, move.

If the hood is between you and the only hospital, move.

If you don’t own a gun, get one.

If you’ve never shot it, go practice.

Its not going to be the cops coming to get you, its going to be the golden horde from the hood.

If you’re in the country and you think you’re safe, check and see if you’re on the main road out of town.

If you still think you’re safe and you have a rifle, keep in mind flaming arrows can be arched from behind a hill, and wood burns.

When it goes down, this is your timetable… this is derived from riots back to 68.

The hood goes down for 2-3 days.
After that, one of two things happens.
Everyone gets tired and goes home to sleep.
Everyone gets hungry and has to spread out because they burned all their crap. If this happens, it’s also on tv and will spread to other cities that are spread thin.

From there, small bands of marauders will go en’ masse to better areas near the hood they came from. If you’re in these areas, you have 3-5 days to leave from the start of the riot. If it doesn’t end after three days move your ass, cause you’re next.

The cops won’t be there for you, they don’t pay us enough and after the last two summers we are done. We will be home with our own families.

As for oath keepers, we only owe our families. You will all be on your own. You are all horribly outnumbered as most of you are soft and anti gun. There will be no jade helm, no fema camps, there’s just the impending economic collapse and hoodrat uprising coming.

Get ready.

Sounds legit and very possible to me.

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    10 million NRA members say you have support. Just ask for it.

    • Paul Duca

      As long as you can pay–and BIG–for it….