(Video) Ghostly Craft Caught Hovering In The Night Sky, WTH Is It??



It’s almost impossible to see at regular speed but as the video is slowed, it’s obvious there’s something hovering in the dark skies above this road.  A new video sent to secureteam10, and uploaded to YouTube, appears to have captured a slow moving, or stationary, alien ship.  One thing is certain, the person who noticed this low-level craft in the night, sees things that most of us don’t.

It’s mentioned in the video that there’s a possibility this craft could be a top secret military or government aircraft and some of the comments suggest it could be a drone.  One person says it could just be a reflection, but that’s more unbelievable than it being an alien ship.  A few other comments specifically say they see a single, red, flashing light, which is really hard to catch.

Were you able to see the red flashing light?


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