(Video) There’s A Right Way To Load A Boat, And Then There’s This Way!!


Anyone who’s ever loaded a boat onto a trailer will have a racing heart as this Alaskan fishing boat comes in hot, extremely hot!  Fishermen in Ninilchik, Alaska are used to boats, it’s a fishing village and most of them are descendants of native Alaskans.  They’ve grown up on the water.

But these two guys are insane!  This boat is moving fast, with a huge wake and doesn’t back off the throttle AT ALL!  There’s no way I’d be standing on that trailer, no matter how much I trusted the guy driving the boat, waiting for the inevitable to happen!


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  • bcbob

    EZ stuff . . . you might note that he did have to add power there at the end to get the boat in “just the right spot” on the trailer . . . been loading boats like that for decades . . . easier than a winch .