(Video) Avoid This Oil!! It’s More Toxic Than Sugar!!


This oil is one of the most familiar and widely used for cooking but the truth has been hidden for years and it needs to be told.  The producers, and others who profit from it, have kept it’s harmful effects quiet for too long.

Soybean oil, and other soy products, is considered to be one of the most harmful ingredients in processed food and can be incredibly toxic.  Soybeans go through many processes to become edible and there are a lot of GMO soybeans on the market.  Which then go into our food.

If excessive amounts of soy are eaten, the body can be caused to produce steroid hormones, soy is linked to early puberty in girls and delayed physical growth in boys.  The risk of developing Alzheimer’s increases with consumption of excessive amounts of soy products.  Unbelievably, soy milk is recommended for infants instead of mother’s breast milk.

It’s really a product that we shouldn’t even take chances with, especially with our kids.


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