(Video) NWO Plan Leaked In Video, Their Plan Exposed!!


A video has surfaced on a known globalist website that exposes some of their agendas and it doesn’t happen often.

The video is on the World Economic Forums YouTube channel and exposes their plan to replace your job with robots, which will reduce the number of jobs available and make our population poorer and much more vulnerable.  (As if Hussein Obama hasn’t crushed us enough)  It also reveals their plan to increase their “observation” of you and to collect more of your data.  Not only will this data show them how to control more areas of your life, it’ll also be used to produce the super-computers needed to replace humans in the job sector.

And that’s not all the NWO’s World Economic Forum has plans for.  A document they put out called the Global Redesign Initiative (GRI) is proposing a transition away from international government decision making to a system of governing be multi-national stakeholders.  Reportedly, this system was discussed in-depth at the January 2016 “Bilderberg style” meeting in Switzerland.  Those attending this NWO meeting included,

“2,500 politicians, celebrities, and business leaders fro all over the world attended this “Bilderberg style” meeting. Their attendees include 53 people who own as much wealth as the poorest half of the world and over 1,000 of the world biggest multinational corporations all of whom have their eye set on The New World Order.”


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