(Watch) Jaw-Dropping Video!! ANOTHER Cryptic Death Threat Against Trump??

The Bilderberg Group[1]

As we get closer to nominating a candidate, and Trump continues to dominate the primaries, everyone seems to be waiting for the attempt on Trump’s life.  Many Americans believe that the establishment and the elites will do whatever it takes to keep Donald Trump out of the White House.  Once he’s sworn in as POTUS, he’ll be able to derail the NWO they’ve been working towards for so long and release secrets (think 9/11) that could very well destroy them.

El Chapo’s  threat against Trump is believable but doesn’t seem likely to happen.  Romney is being accused of not only delivering a speech intended to bring Trump down morally but also of sending a veiled threat by speaking with the Hinkley Institute backdrop behind him.  Don’t forget George H.W. Bush making the throat cutting gesture as a response to Donald Trump.  Now the following video shows the connection between a NYT columnist, who referenced a death threat for Trump in a Tweet, to the Bilderberg Group.  And this video has some jaw-dropping footage.


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  • Fred Walters

    This should go with out saying Mr Trump wear your vest please watch your back you need to be our next president if they take you out we will all know and why.This is the only way you will beat Mr Trump. TRUMP2016!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Frances Keefover Riggs

    And they will blame it on some regular person, that don’t like #Trump is the reason the media ,dem. GOP are all trying to get people upset with #Trump and one of the elite will kill him,just like Kennedy,Robert Kennedy,Martin Luther,and 9/11 and the judge all performed by the elite,they just chose a fall guy.We have very wicked people in charge of this country. That’s the reason they don’t want #Trump for president he will find out all this crap and people will be going to prison. I just hope he stays safe. I want him as president and we sure need him but if it gets real bad I rather he just drop out and stay alive it’s not worth getting killed.