(Video) Did Anonymous Hack Donald Trump’s Voicemail, Then Leak “Embarrassing” Messages??


Gawker, a news and gossip site, has published about three minutes of voicemail messages from 2012, that are said to belong to Donald Trump.  The messages are from some of the media elites at MSNBC, including a T. Hall (thought to be Tamron Hall) and Mika Brzezinsski and Joe Scarborough from ‘The Morning Joe’.  The messages sound extremely friendly and fawning.

Anonymous appears to have been the hacker and it’s thought they were obtained from the same online forum where Anonymous first appeared.

Just a few questions,

  1. Why would Anonymous bother with Donald Trump’s voicemail messages from 2012?
  2. Wouldn’t you expect the messages from people who are calling him on his private number to be friendly?
  3. Could Trump’s voicemail actually have been hacked by the Establishment, since it really seems kind of amateur?

What do you think of this current Trump buzz?


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