(Video) Ex-CIA Boss Reveals Stunning Reason Massive Illegal Immigration Is Being Allowed!!

It all makes perfect sense.  Who could give a better indication than General Michael Hayden, a Catholic who’s the former Director of the NSA AND the CIA?

When Hayden is asked about the front-runners of the Republican party, he immediately goes after Trump, specifically criticizing Trump because he wants to build a wall that’ll close the border with Mexico, to keep out “one of the world’s great monotheisms”.  So he’s basically asking why we’d want to close our border to people of the great Catholic religion, without actually saying “Catholic religion”.  And with this one statement, tells us why South Americans are being allowed to illegally enter our country by the millions.

The illegal immigrants from Mexico and countries to the south are primarily Catholic.  The CIA is said to be a creation of the Vatican’s Jesuits.   By bringing in millions of new Catholics, the Vatican strengthens it’s vision of the New World Order in America by bringing in more followers of it’s religion while also causing our socio-economic structure to crumble.  And apparently, the possibility of a President Trump, who is Protestant, could cause their vision to crumble.

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  • Scooter Tramp

    I didn’t know the “refugees” were catholic. If you come to the US LEGALLY you are more than welcome. This is crap. It’s legal vs ILLEGAL!

    • R/R 2012

      Yeah sounds like a bunch of BS to me as well…. Immigration surrounds everything from jobs to food to housing, healthcare etc you can make a list a mile long, stop immigration you solve alot of these problems… and as you said, it’s illegalsvs leagal!

  • jeff davis

    Hayden is a punk who’s probably afraid of his own shadow.

  • JMudder

    Ridiculous, and another return to the anti-catholism of the past. I don’t care if the immigrant is Catholic, Muslim, or atheist. It’s legal vs. ILLEGAL!

  • honestjerry

    this guy talks like a man with a paper ass hole ,and he was a gen. and a head of the c i a

  • Jim Bowman

    Anti-Catholic bigotry is the last refuge of the weak minded. What a worthless piece of excrement.