(Video) Motherload!! What You Must Know About The Illuminati But Never Heard—A Must Know Secret Leaked!



Over the years talk about the infamous group known as the Illuminati has skyrocketed. Everyone from celebrities to your average Joe have been confronted about this devious organization in some way shape or form. In truth they have began their leap out in the open, and today swindlers and scoundrels are jumping on every effort and seizing every opportunity. 

The Illuminati is a cult, satanic organization hell bent on ushering in their demonic rule. No good has ever come from them and now people all over the world are jumping on the opportunity to “join the Illuminati” no matter the outlet used, be it through a swindler, who falsifies the information, or though the illuminati itself. But if I know anything about this mysterious group it’s that those who “join” or believe themselves to be “joining” the group are in fact nothing but a bunch of pawns. They are not members of this group—because to be a member you must be part of the bloodline— they are a bunch of pansies the elite will use in the future to do their bidding. And as it stands hundreds of thousands of people are in line for this fraud. 

If truth be told the Illuminati plans to destroy the world. They care not for our betterment, only for their own selfish-motivation to control. 

In the video below Mark Dice reveals the truth colors behind the Illuminate veil, and how the Liberal movement IS their agenda. I believe you’ll find his case, intriguing… 


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By Lisa Haven

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