Video…Utah Sheriff to BLM: “I Will Deputize Everyone and Arrest All Federal Agents!!!”

By all accounts, it looks like another standoff with Obama’s BLM is brewing once again, and some of the names involved are all too familiar. The major difference between this standoff and the Burns, Oregon ranch, is that one of the men Lavoy Finicum had a pact with to protect each other from federal agents has a nephew that is also the sheriff, and as you’ll learn below, the sheriff is threatening to deputize every man, woman, and child in the county and arrest any BLM agents on sight.


Utah Attorney Todd MacFarlane actively supported ranching scofflaws Cliven Bundy, Wayne Hage, Mary Bulloch, and LaVoy Finicum. He now represents the Finicum family and, working with Smith, is engaged in a dangerous game of recruiting ranchers, miners, and other federal “permittees” to sign a pledge document to boycott paying their fees.

LaVoy Finicum pitched the same cowboy revolt in November 2015, one that included the provision that when the federal government takes action, ranchers were offered a variety of militant services that would come to protect them during their own future standoff. […]


The federal government is only allowed to own Washington DC and military installations as per Article I, Section 8, Clause 17 of the Constitution. Furthermore, per Article I, Section 8, Clause 1, the BLM, FWS, Department of Interior, Forestry Service, and many other federal agencies are wholly Unconstitutional and disallowed. However, it is the two little words “general welfare” that have been misapplied and abused by DC legislators for decades which has led to the creation of such agencies; the same ones which exercise such egregious overreach and disregard for our rights, our families, and all Americans every day. 

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By Voice of Reason


  • Pat Donnelly

    u go sheriff…the sheriff is the most powerful man in his matter who else is there..he can arrest anyone..deputize anyone and enforce constitutional laws..why do u think obullcrap will not go to new mexico..sheriff joe will arrest his sorry ass..if all folks knew this..and voted for constitutional sheriffs..we can take our country back county by county

    • It’s only Me

      Sheriff Joe Is in Maricopa County in
      AZ in the Phoenix area.

    • rus432

      Actually, the Sheriff is the 2nd most powerful person in a county…the MOST powerful person in a county is the county coroner. Just correcting….I am with the sheriff in his statement too.

  • Tom Williams

    The Tenth Amendment which states that the powers not delegated to the federal government by the Constitution are “reserved to the States.” Clearly, no powers can be reserved to the States if all powers are included under the “general welfare” umbrella. If “general welfare” was meant to include just anything Congress deems fit to do “for us” or “to us,” then why does the Constitution limit the reach of Congress to only those powers granted to it in the Constitution? A list is not at all necessary if the powers are unlimited.
    The GENERAL WELFARE of Americans (as considered by constitutional framers, had much to do with their citizens( individuals) being able to move about freely, enjoy the PURSUIT OF ‘HAPPINESS’, that is to be free from foreign rule, quartering foreign troops, denied the use of weapons, etc,), and nothing to do with the government formulating a plan to invade and take over private business,control of public land, or reforming the healthcare of private citizens, or any other invasion of privacy (which it is).

    • Matthew McCready

      This is why they want control of the Supreme Court. They can do anything they want then. This country is headed for civil war but it wont be as defined as the north and south. God bless our children.

  • CrazyAuntJane

    His heart is in the right place but I fear he will just be another dead or imprisoned patriot. Somehow it has to stop but there needs to be some kind of organized legal way to stop the feds!

    • kaycey351

      The sheriff is doing it the legal way by using our 10th Amendment.

  • Nik Schumacher

    The feds cant over ride the sheriff in his own county. States Rights.

  • jay armstrong

    You should edit your content before you post your videos! Or try a couple takes before filming and posting your dry run. The first 3 minutes are worthless babble, and you don’t come across as having your thoughts organized. Get it together and try it again, and you will be more effective in presenting your message content in a clear understandable message..

  • Randy Cullinan

    I would move to your state and help you.

  • Mark Gilbert

    Can he Arrest Dicktator in chief

  • Mark Gilbert

    Well the 10th Amendment the Presidents Powers and everything can be pulled and Reversed

    • kaycey351

      Wrong. Pulled? WTF does that men?