WTF Video…Bill Clinton Uses ISIS Flag on Stage Not Stars and Stripes!!! Veteran Kicked Out!!!

Does anyone else think that any politician should use something other then the US Stars and Stripes?  Well, the turn has just happened.  Imagine a US Presidental Campaign standing in front of a 10+ Foot totally black flag, with the crecent and tree.  You tell me this is an AMERICAN Loving person, or are they openly showing support of ISIS and the OVERTHROW OF THE USA?  Out with the PAST US Flag and in our FUTURE New Black Flag?  See it for yourself…


On Friday, 26 February 2016, in Bluffton, South Carolina, Bill Clinton was giving a speech to a small crowd of about 200 people, for his wife Hillary.

This video clip is of a US Marine contfronting Bill about Benghazi and the VA, and he is told to “Shut Up”, Booed by other American citizens, and 3 Patriots are forcibly removed from the event.  The first time you see this HUGE BLACK flag in this clip is the 13 second point and will see it each time the camera is on Clinton!  WTF?


So, what does this tell “We The People”?  Lets see – The Clintons Support the Black Flag, at the Exact same Gathering THEY KICK OUT A VETERAN from one of their gatherings!  How more Clearer does it need people?  Once the US Gov loved its Veterans, under the US Flag; but now the Clinton’s kick out Veterans at their gatherings, and have started to replace the Red, White and Blue flag to that of All Black?  See how they are complete opposites and the “Direction” we are head; thanks to the Obama administration of today?

Although this is Big News of a War Vet being kicked out of an event, the larger concern is the HUGE BLACK ISIS FLAG the Clinton’s have onstage with him.  Aren’t we as a Nation, want to see the Stars and Stripes, yet the CLINTONS ARE SUPPORTING A 10+ foot large BLACK ISIS FLAG!?  Why hasn’t anyone spoke about this HUGE STORY?  How much more physical PROOF can be given to the American people of US Government themselves doing all they can in destroying our nation, as we know it.  Yet you see all those supporters don’t even care, or question where’s the US Stars n Stripes?  WTF?  Brainwashed?

You tell me that “We The People” that this is not clear that the Clintons openly support ISIS, and are willing to 100% Totally Replace the US Flag of that of a ALL BLACK ISIS Middleeastern Looking Flag?  Do you really call that the actions of any True American, who has the US as it best interests?  Yet they are running for President, and speak for those in US Government today, WHO SUPPORT THEM?  Not one nation on planet earth uses a complete BLACK FLAG except terror groups. So what does that mean America and what are the Clinton’s really speading around the world to those terror groups?

Do you know how easy it will be for the CLINTONs and ISIS to photoshop out the black markings and add in the ISIS Logo on it and send it all around the world?  You tell me that this wouldn’t give our enemies hope and encouragement; and that this US President is 100% willing to side with them, above the Nation of the USA, and all we stand for?

Doesn’t this openly show that the Clinton’s supporters (Obama’s administration, current Government Branches/employees, and Democrats) are openly supporting ISIS all around the world.  How much more can anyone give to “We The People” that they want to totally destroy our “Freedom” nation, and remove the USA Flag off the planet?  This is exactly the message being broadcasted all around the world, tha the US Media will not print nor expose of them doing.

Then their older zombie followers don’t question nor care one bit that the US Flag is meaningless to them.  Who really cares about a flag and its very meaning?  You know, its only a FLAG!?  Out with the “Old” US Flag, and in with the “New” Black Flag.  Worse yet, not even one supporter in attendance seem to mind this “MINOR CHANGE”.

What are you thoughts?

By Paul Revere

(Before It’s News)


  • dragonflash

    You sure that is not the flag of the state of South Carolina?

  • pmoore40

    Fools, this is South Carolina’s flag done in black instead of indigo blue.

  • Tyrconnell

    Sheesh, don’t even know your state flags, nor the flag of ISIS.

  • Judy Jones

    the SC flag looks like this…are you sure this isn’t to get hits?

  • Larry Nicholas

    i lived in south carolina for fifteen years its the statte flag in black and is common at dem rallies. for the record im republican no dem. this is click bait, though i agree with the soldier in the video i wont support this bs lie on this post