(Video) Marine Kicked Out Of Hillary Rally After Asking Bill Clinton This Question, Clinton Furious, Chaos Erupts



A Marine veteran attended a Hillary rally in South Carolina Friday and his question for Bill Clinton caused the entire room to fall into complete chaos.  The young man respectfully asked his questions but when Slick Willy started to demean and belittle him (typical liberal behavior, right?) the veteran refused to back down.

The Marine continued to ask Clinton about his wife’s part in the attack in Benghazi, Libya and demanded to know if Hillary lied about the four Americans who died on September 11, 2012.

As he was being removed from the room, he refused to be silenced and got this response from Bill, “If you shut up and listen to my answer, I’ll answer it,” Clinton said. “His mind has been poisoned by lies, and he won’t listen.”

A female who was with the veteran and was filming this added “Hillary lied over four coffins, she lied to those families. So all of those families are liars?”  And as this woman was being removed an audience member told her she’d been watching too many movies.  Her response?  “Yeah, you need to watch the movies”.


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  • Not Amused

    Democrats have been always been and will always be the party of segregation, racism, hatred towards our military , theft, corruption, lies and hate.