(Video) Routine Salon Session Causes Deadly Condition And Almost Killed This Woman



Eight days after visiting a salon, Elizabeth Smith felt weakness in her left arm and leg, along with other unusual symptoms.  The weakness and the symptoms quickly disappeared and the mother of two young children went on with her life.

A week later, Smith suffered a massive stroke and says,

“I vomited, my head became hot and I couldn’t stand. I had weakness in my arms and legs. They didn’t think I was going to live.” 

When doctors linked her stroke with the salon visit, and the time she spent in the shampoo chair specifically, Smith could hardly believe what had almost killed her.  While rare, Beauty Parlor Stroke Syndrome, is a documented condition caused by the head being hyperextended backwards while the hair is being washed.  In Smith’s case, the vertebrae sliced an artery and a blood clot formed, which later caused her stroke.

Has anyone else ever heard of this??

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