Today former Governor Mitt Romney announced that he thinks there will be a “bombshell” buried within Trump’s back taxes. This announcement corresponds directly with Trump insider Roger Stone’s prediction that after Trump wins Nevada the Republicans will attack his finances and associate him with the mob.

Donald Trump feels that he has been selected to be audited by the IRS on a regular basis because of his Christian beliefs.

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by The Alex Jones Channel

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  • bob

    If the establishment repubs try and replace TRUMP with scum Romney and succeed ,they wont have to worry about a President TRUMP the anger and boycott will enable a democrat to win.

  • Draxo Drax

    Perhaps Donald just needs to meet with the head Of the IRS on a airport runway, where they can discuss grand kids…POOF…no more problems

  • Brenda conatas

    rummy better be careful this may cause you to loose lots of future votes