Cop Outraged After Seeing This On Display At Daughter’s School, School Ignores His Complaint, Unbelievable!!

A piece of artwork displayed at his daughter’s school has this Kentucky cop spreading his outrage on social media after school officials ignore his complaint.  And every American should be furious.

The painting is from a school project assigned by the teacher of his daughter’s honors English class and was inspired (Heaven help us) by the racial violence depicted in Harper Lee’s book, “To Kill A Mockingbird”.  Hamblin says the painting creates “future cop haters” and that, “It’s comparing a race-based ideology of the KKK to that of professional workers who serve their country day in and day out”.
Adding more fuel to the fire, the artwork was created by a student last year, but the teacher put it back up for this year’s assignment because she reportedly liked it so much!  Hamblin goes on to say,
“We speak of tolerance, we speak of changing hostile environments, we speak of prejudice, and we speak of racial relations, yet, when it comes to hostility toward police, their families, and profiling them through bigotry we are expected to take it. I will not, nor will my child.”
His post on Facebook includes the address and phone number for the North Oldham High School, any guesses on how many calls they’ve received?

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