(Video) A Brother And Sister Holding Hands, This Is Not Normal…



What these twins are doing with each other, and where they’re doing it, is something very few of us have ever seen.  Mason and Madilyn are special and not just because they’re twins.

The McIntires learned they were going to be having twins but got heartbreaking news early in the pregnancy.  Madilyn was more than three times as big as her brother Mason, who had a hole in his heart and brain abnormalities.  Doctors don’t expect him to survive.  But the sonogram that gave them the tragic news also showed something incredible and very comforting, tiny Mason was holding his sister’s hand.


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  • ScarletRainbow1

    I don’t want to say this because it’s a wonderful story, but…fraternal twins cannot possibly be holding hands. They ‘exist’ in separate embryonic sacs. If they are holding hands, both their sacs would be classified as being ruptured.