Video…Hagmann Interviews Hodges About Scalia’s Murder, the Coming Trump Assassination and Military Coup!!!

Are you a homegrown terrorists? According to the government you just might be if you just disagree with what the government thinks. You may also be arrested for disagreeing with them. In the video below you will learn much more about this!

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Doug Hagmann interviewed Dave Hodges on several critical issues including the following:

  1. The intent of the Department of Justice to arrest members of the Independent Media for covering issues related to what the government calls domestic terrorism (e.g. pro-Second Amendment, pro-Constitution, identifying criminality of the federal government and its officials, etc).
  2. The murder of Justice Scalia because of his opposition to Obama’s draconian climate change policies.
  3. The possibility of a military coup that will remove Obama from the Presidency.
  4. The coming civil war (UWEX 16)


by common sense

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    the big tidal way on your post of Waverly VA is pure bull shit now more of your bs is causing people to be in fear