(Video) Mystery Illnesses On Planes Aren’t Really So Mysterious…


Most everyone will agree that one of the worst parts of flying is breathing the recycled air of all the people who are on the plane with you.  You just know that someone is sick with a virus or bacteria and you’ll probably end up sick half way through your vacation.  You may be partially right, you’ll get sick on the flight but it won’t be from the other passengers.

Richard Westgate, a 43-year-old co-pilot, complained of persistent headaches, nausea and chronic fatigue.  He died in 2012.  A study done after his death found the air in cockpits was being contaminated.  Westgate had insisted his health problems were being caused by fumes in the cockpit and he, in fact, had been suffering a condition called aerotoxic syndrome.

Most airplanes recycle about half the air in the cabin and the other half is drawn in through the engines.  Along with that new air are dangerous chemicals and compounds from the burning jet fuel that enter the cabin without passing through a filter.


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