(Video) How Will You Avoid Detection By Enemies, Foreign And Domestic??


The worldwide chaos is beginning to cause people who normally don’t pay attention to world events, to wake up and face the possibility that Americans may soon be under attack.   WWIII, EMPs, ISIS extremists and our own government aren’t just stuff of conspiracy theorists anymore and they’re really starting to cause major concerns for many Americans.

We’ve entered the age of Drones which have many uses, with detecting warm bodies being one.  While this is good for our military to use against our enemies, it’s a completely different story if our government decides to use them against it’s own citizens.

There are lots of ways to avoid detection by thermal imaging devices, drones or other types.  Glass is a good way to conceal yourself but not practical if you’re moving.  Mylar and wool blankets, insulated clothing and netting will also work for a short time but your body heat will eventually start to escape.

One of the best things to do is to keep moving and hide yourself behind other heat generating sources.  Brick walls, stones, concrete, anything natural or manmade that collects, then generates heat, are a great way to blend your body heat into the environment and avoid detection by thermal imaging devices.

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