Bizarre Circumstances In The Death Of Pope Francis’ Pregnant “Gatekeeper”!!


The unexpected death of Pope Francis’ secretary doesn’t sound suspicious at first.  Miriam Wuolou was 34-years-old and seven months pregnant.  She was a receptionist at Santa Marta, home to Pope Francis and a priests’ guesthouse, and had worked there for years.  Ms. Wuolou was a kind of “gatekeeper” for the Pope and the priests, bishops and cardinals who stayed there.  Her death is being investigated by the police and the first examination of the corpse found no signs of violence.

There’s the background but here’s what makes this death suspicious.

Her body was found in her apartment by her brother after he hadn’t heard from her for days.  A receptionist at the Pope’s home doesn’t show up for work for several days and nobody bothers to make a phone call to a family member?

The police have interviewed family members and her ex-husband.  So the gatekeeper to the Pope is pregnant and divorced?  Sounds a little unusual but not off the charts.

Police have also interviewed her most recent boyfriend.  The gatekeeper isn’t just divorced, she’s seven months pregnant and has had multiple boyfriends?  Another twist is that the most recent boyfriend may be a policeman in the Vatican.

And the clincher, a DNA test will be done on the baby.  The father is unknown?

So, Miriam Wuolou is said to have a serious type of diabetes and supposedly, doctors had warned her that the pregnancy would be a serious risk.  But doesn’t it just raise your eyebrows that the gatekeeper to the Pope is divorced, has had more than one boyfriend and is pregnant with a DNA test needed to determine paternity?  All after she didn’t show up to work for several days and her employer doesn’t question it?

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Sounds more like a murder by the NWO.

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