Breaking Videos…Scalia Cover-Up!!! Scalia Had to Go!!! As Told By Clinton Insider!!!


Clinton insider Larry Nichols Goes into detail of what Obama and the Clinton’s would do to get what they want. Nobody can stand in their way to stop them. They will do whatever it takes!

With Scalia gone President Obama will try and push another puppet into the Supreme Court to do as he wishes at his command. How else can you explain the lack of an autopsy to see what happened to the Chief justice. They found his body with a pillow over his head. There are reports out that say there was a puncture wound on the left side of his heart.

Watch the videos. Wake up to what is happening to this country! Get prepared for whats next.

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Scalia Cover-Up: Secrets Inside Cibolo Creek Ranch!

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Men In Black SUV Harass Clinton Insider!

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By Due Diligence

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  • Christer Tollefsen

    Wondering how all of this started……?

    • John Cummings Mwnb

      it all started back in 08 when Obama got elected…..
      his 2 stolen terms are about done and he needs to push through even more ridiculous bullshit on this country.. this is one man that stood in the way of making those dreams come true for Obama.. You do the math.

      • Christer Tollefsen

        Actually it started alot longer than that my man history repats it self.

        • John Cummings Mwnb

          Not at this level of insanity, this mess we are seeing today is a whole new level of Lunacy

  • Soo Tired

    show me proof please

    • Dick Alexander

      The proof is gone forever. When’s the last time you heard of a death certificate being issued over the phone and the body being whisked away. This wasn’t Joe Blow who died, but a key Supreme Court justice. The only prudent thing would have been a complete autopsy.

      • Rick Carroll

        Fuck, they did an autopsy on Kennedy.

    • Ron Schmidt

      Demorats made sure to take away all proof by embalming the body immediately. Wake up!!!

  • Soo Tired

    you keep saying this is in your face show me proof and quit scaring me

  • Betty4440


  • Bill Howard


  • dortalina

    I was going to post my thoughts but the pictures on this site are so gross that I won’t bother.

  • Renee LaChapelle

    When I heard of Justice Scalia’s death the first thing I did was went over to Alex Joneses FB page and there he was doing a Live FB Mention on how the whole thing stank to high heavens. (I got precisely what I went over to Alexes page for)

  • Starr3214

    There are security cameras at the ranch I am sure. The media,Alex, should subpoena them ASAP.

    • cherokeeman

      Rest assured all videos have been destroyed by now.

    • Marilyn Delao

      The media are in on it. They only want to further the Obama/Clinton New World Order.

  • Linda

    this is a recurring action to both Clinton and obama.

  • Concerned parent

    What about the Scalia family? Why do they not want an autopsy?

    • Sruss745

      Probably the family is too scared to complain.

  • Cheryl Feis Quinton

    yes, I heard there was a pillow over his head. Why no autopsy?

  • Emet Gilah

    Yeah! There’s a foul-play on Justice Scalia’s death. Much like the people that worked for Hillary & Bill.

  • dennam

    Very suspicious,indeed, but it will take decades to know the truth if at all.

  • Richard Cole

    After the backlash of Kennedy’s assassination in Dallas, I cannot believe his body was released and creamated before a full autopsy was done. The JP that called the cause of death was fairly new to the bench and never saw Scalia’s body; she supposedly determined the cause of death based on a phone call that she received that morning. His death stinks to high heaven but we will never know.

  • Ralph Winfield


  • donna

    this is ridiculous; he was a morbidly obese man who smoked with many serious health problems two weeks before his 80th birthday. He has a very large highly educated family who I believe are more than able to make the call if they felt there was a reason to suspect his death. Also in almost every state in union if a person dies in this manner an autopsy is required unless a physician who is treating them signs off on it. People need to give it a rest it is disrespectful of his family. What nonsense.

    • southernyankee05 .


    • Jane Jessee

      Spoken like a true libtard!!!! Welcome to the world of the Clinton Crime Cartel.

      • donna

        you are an idiot. I am likely the least liberal soul you will ever encounter but I am also not some conspiracy minded fool There is no reason for any possible suspicion over Justice Scalia’s death if you read what I said. He was 80 and suffering from multiple serious health conditions, smoking and morbidly obese. His educated and prominent children; one a highly respected lawyer in DC, would have known if autopsy was necessary. Additionally, absent a personal physician stating his being under treatment, an autopsy is legally mandated. It also makes no sense as, at his age, either death or the necessity of retirement would have make taking such a risk untenable. If you are not mentally ill the choice to eliminate a SCJ would have been to take out Thomas or Alito. Stop being an ass.

        • Marilyn Delao

          So, there’s never any possibility that a conspiracy could be plausible? In your world that’s just not even remotely possible?

  • Cesar Contreras


  • Dawn Doran

    Obama has been itching to get Scalia’s seat, once Hillary becomes POTUS…

  • Karen Ziegler

    It does not take a Brainiac to know someone gave Justice Scalia a dirt nap. There never has been any doubt in my mind…He discovered something and he was too powerful to let live. AND THEN THERE WAS THE ABSURD NO AUTOPSEY…. Oh Yah, a Supreme Court Justice gets dead in the middle of nowhere and there is no need for a autopsy says some flunky over the phone …God how stupid are we supposed to be and are most of the time…ask killery
    what happened????????

    • Marilyn Delao

      I think they wanted him gone so Obama could replace him before his term was up in case Hillary didn’t win the election.

  • Southern Xposure
  • Natasha78

    Wow, they are hiding so much and just running out of ways for people to die. There is not any way that these massive deaths, suicides, disappearances, no media on it, and the body count keeps rising. It’s really sick, scary and real.

  • Phylsingleton Phylsingleton

    I absolutely believe that the ass in the WH and the lying hag had Scalia done away with. I believe also that it is possible they threatened his family in order to not have an autopsy done.

  • Marilyn Delao

    Who are they referring to named “Mallick” or Malik” who supposedly committed suicide by dismembering himself or herself?