Video…The Reason Judge Scalia Was Murdered?!! Evidence Of A Puncture Wound To The Left Side Of His Heart!!!


Reports are now coming out that not only was Supreme Court Justice Judge Scalia found with a pillow over his indicating that he had been murdered. Reports with pictures have been released showing bruises all over his body but also a puncture wound over the left side of his heart.

Was the new heart attack gun the CIA is supposed to have responsible for his heart attack? Why did the Elite want him dead? In the video you will hear about the two governments that actually run the United States. How with the available supreme Court Justice open tat Obama can appoint a new judge and overturn the law to give himself a third term as President.

You will also learn about the upcoming Bank Holiday that banks are being prepared for. The exchange of your money for the new Treasury notes that will replace your current money. Remember last year in Greece with the bank holiday, limited access to the banks as well as limited access to your money.

by Evangelist Anita Fuentes

YouTube Video

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