Kremlin In Turmoil After Trump Letter To Putin Suggests US Supreme Court Justice Was Murdered!!!

Scalia found with pillow over his head…
A sobering confidential report released in the Kremlin today by the Office of the President (OP) shows that Russia’s top leadership is currently in turmoil after having received from US presidential candidate Donald Trump a private letter addressed to President Putin wherein this American billionaire appears to have predicted yesterday’s death of US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, and which further suggests that this death may have possibly been a politically motivated murder.



According to this report, on 12 February, the Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the United Nations, located in New York City, received a “delivered by hand” “communication package” from The Trump Organization that contained a private letter from Donald Trump to President Putin and requested its immediate “secure transmission” to Russia’s leader in Moscow.

Though having never met Donald Trump, this report says, President Putin had previously praised this American billionaire by calling him “bright and talented” due to Trump’s apparent distaste for further involving the United State in wars around the world—and by Trump’s knowing, like all top global business titans do, the correct “protocol/procedure” for sending direct secure communications to the Kremlin, his letter to President Putin was sent.



The main focus of Donald Trump’s letter to President Putin, this report details, were his concerns relating to the then presently ongoing 12 February Military-Industrial Commission meeting being held in the Kremlin reviewing the 2015 defence procurement programme results and examining the current and future outlook for the Federation’s defence industry’s development—a rather ordinary meeting that was then pushed into global prominence after Prime Minister Medevdev, while speaking to reporters in Germany just an hour before this meeting started, warned that world powers must force all sides to sit down at the negotiating table and “not start yet another war on Earth.”

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With the Western propaganda media then proclaiming that Prime Medvedev was threatening World War III, this report continues, Donald Trump in his letter to President Putin “appealed for calm” from Russia’s leadership and explained in detail his personal views on the current US presidential race that he foresees himself winning—and upon his becoming President, he told President Putin, it would user in a new era of “peace and prosperity” for both Russia and America.



However, this report grimly notes, while explaining his private analysis to President Putin “showing/proving” that he, Trump, would become the next American President, he further expressed his “grave concerns” regarding the present US government structure, and the Bush Family specifically, who he warned may attempt to harm him, or other supporters of his, as the reality of his winning became fact.

While this report does note that Donald Trump in the past has exhibited “controversial/conspiratorial” tendencies (such as his “birther” stance that President Obama is not an American citizen), his argument to President Putin outlining his “grave concerns” in this letter do deserve to be further examined.

Particularly, this report says, was Donald Trump’s stating in this letter that his “main adversary”, Jeb Bush, comes from a family whose wealth was made prior to and during World War II when their families patriarch, Prescott Bush, colluded in the financing of the German Nazi regime of Adolph Hitler.

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Adolph Hitler (left) and Prescott Bush (right)


From the wealth the Bush Family acquired from financing Hitler, this report continues, Donald Trump in his letter further noted that Prescott Bush’s son, George H.W. Bush, rose through the ranks of America’s secret elite families via his association with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)—and that George H. W. Bush was directly involved, if not the leader of, the plot to assassinate President John F. Kennedy on 22 November 1963.



Even worse, this report says, Donald Trump in his letter further states that the reward given to George H. W. Bush for masterminding the assassination of President Kennedy was the directorship of the CIA, in 1976, by President Gerald Ford—who himself was one of the main conspirators covering up the assassination of President Kennedy in what is now known as the Warren Commission Report.

Once in control of the CIA, this report continues, Donald Trump in his letter then states that George H.W. Bush helped in the establishment of the offshore Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) that managed the finances of America’s blackest operations—including the funding of Osama bin Laden and the bin Laden Families payment of millions of dollars directly to the Bush Family.



After becoming even more wealthy due to the millions of dollars given to him by the bin Laden Family, Donald Trump’s letter to President Putin further details, George H.W. Bush, in 1980, attempted to become US President but was defeated by Ronald Reagan—but who barley three months after taking office, in March, 1981, President Reagan was nearly assassinated when he was shot by the mentally ill son, John Hinckley, of George H.W. Bush’s former business partner.




Though the accumulated prima facie [based on the first impression] evidence against the Bush Family generating the “grave concerns” Donald Trump has that his life may be in danger from them, this report says, his ending of this letter to President Putin is what has become concerning after he, Trump, stated: “I can promise you this, I will NEVER hold a meeting with you in Texas, neither one of us might not come out alive!

To if Donald Trump in making this statement to President Putin was intending to be “darkly humorous”, this report concludes, isn’t fully known until further clarification can be made—but what is known is that in less than 24 hours after President Putin’s receipt of Trump’s letter, the US presidential race was thrown into chaos and confusion after the sudden and unexpected death of US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia…in Texas.


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  • George Ennis

    be real curious to see where this goes……..

    • oregonpilot

      Yeah, me too. The perfect tactic to take Trump out of the race would be to “turn him into” another Ross Perot. Makes me wonder if this is BS.

      • bigbonedmutt

        I hope Trump releases the Thousands of documents that John Kerry and John McCain had classified about the known whereabouts of our POW’s that they left to die in Viet Nam!!

        • Judy Rice

          What a glorious day that would be !!

  • Lynette Constable

    If people believe this bs, they are stupid as the person who wrote it. I’m sure that the alleged letter is tucked away with Obutthole’s original birth certificate.

  • Sherry Davis

    If this letter to Putin from Trump is true…. Then I would believe everything that he claims against the Bush family. In fact I have already seen other evidence doing my own search on the internet concerning the Bush family and the Bin Ladin family. Everything that Trump has said so far, they have called him a liar on, and then when checked it comes back as true. Trump has been fighting against the Democrats, the Republicans and the Media from the beginning of his campaign. Trump is fighting against the Establishment and all the crooks in our Government.

  • Angie MacGeil

    Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive. So Bin Laden could be in the Carribean in the lap of luxury while seal team 6 is dead and What then was dropped in the Indian Ocean? Idle ames of the rich, why not better people and not use them as pawns

  • Mark Troy

    Really people if you believe this we are in trouble