(Video) Chilling Video, Proof Of Freak Events That Are Happening Now!!

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Something is going on prophetically, we’re living in very strange times.  The number of unusual events that are occurring has exploded since the beginning of 2016 and while they’re happening all over the world, they’re eerily the same.  The Zika virus, meteorites shooting across the sky, unexplained booms, earthquakes and Illuminati imagery are happening everywhere.  YouTuber Jason A. has put all these bizarre events together in one video and the impact is chilling.

There are more signs today that Christ will be returning than any other in our history, but many people simply don’t understand what they’re seeing.  They’re failing to understand “the times” we’re living in and those of us who do see it are being called extremists.

All signs say we are living in the end times, that prophecy is being fulfilled each day.  These prophetic events are evident in many places and are happening with more intensity and frequency than ever before.  After watching this video, it’ll be hard for you to disagree.

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