(Video) “Coming Soon To Our Neighborhoods – This Is No Joke”!!


They’re coming and they’ll probably start showing up this summer.  America’s “mild” winter could be the catalyst, less snow pack means less water for planting the spring crops.  Not to mention quite a few states are under drought, or severe drought, conditions including California and Florida, two of our biggest agricultural producers.

For the past few years, the UN has been warning us about food riots to come and it looks like it’s going to start with Venezuela.  Venezuela has had long lines, food shortages and rationing for years and now the government has just issued a “nutritional emergency”.  They’re out of food and their people have nothing to eat.

This is where establishment elites want Americans.  Dependent on the government for one of our most basic needs, food.  They’ve already made it illegal in some areas to grow your own food and to share it with others, the Farmer’s Markets that are common in most towns and cities are under fire.  And there are probably laws that will keep us from stock-piling food and that will allow the government to take what food we do have for the “greater good”.

This is something we all need to take seriously, it isn’t a joke.  And if you do start putting extra food and necessities away, don’t tell anyone or it’ll come back to haunt you later.

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