(Graphic Video) Mysterious Night Stalkers Targeting Illegal Invaders!!


Mysterious armed  groups, dressed similar to police and sometimes wearing masks, are prowling the streets of their towns.  The night stalkers are armed with clubs, brass knuckles, pepper spray, iron bars or knives and are targeting the “refugees” who have invaded their country.  The attacks appear to be organized and fear is running strong through the “migrant community” called the jungle, where ambushes have also been launched by the masked vigilantes.

Concerns are growing that the anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim rage felt by the people of Calais will continue to escalate and more will join the extreme-right movement focused on ridding their city of the invaders.  Calaisans are concerned, and rightly so, that the violent, illegal immigrants are hurting the city’s economy which is a tourist destination for Britains.  Others say they are worried about their children’s safety and property values.

“The migrants are more and more violent. They are blocked here. It’s a dead-end,” said Sandrine Desert, a founder of Calasiens en Colere (Angry Calasians), a group that cruises town to film migrants in the streets and post them on Facebook. “We are the forgotten ones … . They always talk of migrants, but we are also in distress.”

Philippe Wannesson, who blogs daily about his town, said, “The public debate is becoming far more divided.”  “They’re not ready to fight,” he said, but there is “increasingly violent” extreme-right talk.

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