Breaking!!! The Galactics Are Taking Control Of The Earth!!! Cabal In Last Dying Breath, “They Have Not Surrendered But We Are Taking Over”, Says Sananda, Supreme ET Commander Of All Visitors To Earth, Under Direction Of Prime Creator!!!


Breaking Historic World News! “They Have Not Surrendered But We Are Taking Over”, Cabal In Last Dying Breath, Says Sananda, Supreme ET Commander Of All Visitors To Earth, Under Direction Of Prime Creator

1.  Sananda delivers startling message via established channeler James McConnell.. relating to a take over of matters….

We recently gave a message to James – he has not yet shared it – it came just after his dream state when he was in the awakening, just after his coming awake – and at that time he was given the message that “they have not surrendered but we are taking over.” And we are taking over. There are still some things that we cannot do because of the Prime Directive as you know it, but it is all happening and we are going to be more and more and more moving in and taking, not control because we do not want to take control away from you, but giving you more and more assistance, more guidance. That is coming. Please understand that there is nothing that can stop it now, nothing that can hold it back. The cabal, as you know it, is in their last…we don’t like to use these terminologies…but “their last dying breath.” Even what you call the chemtrails now are dissipating; you will begin to see less and less and less of them. Their funding has stopped, they cannot continue to do this as they were. You may see little glimpses of it here and there but the major use of these chemtrails is no longer going to be an issue. They did not get what they wanted from it and they realize that it is a futile attempt at this point so it will be drying up so this is certainly good news for all. For you will be able to look at the skies and see the blue, the clear skies, feel the energy in the skies once again. This is all over the planet, not just here in this United States, but all over the planet. You will begin to see the skies clearing more and more.

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So much is in the works, so much is happening, so much. We are proud of all of you, all of our brothers and sisters, all of our dear friends that have been working at this, working and working to make this all happen.”

much more of this historic channeled dialogue:

2.  Sananda is the head dude, of all the other visiting dudes and dudettes from off world…. feel free to learn more about this amazing brother… who was Jesus from the bible, but has returned as a powerful galactic commander who is christ personified:  LOVE  WISDOM  POWER

3.  Basically, our galactic family have been coming closer into our lives… and because we as a species are not in harmony with the restoration of mother earth, they are taking over… however there under Prime Directive there is only so much they can do for us… however the more loving we are, the closer they and get.  This is great news, because it means our environment is getting cleaned up… it means we can all come up with a better idea to relate to one another… these are the days of ever newer forms of unity.

4.  Imagine you, in harmony with the multiverse, while connected to your soul… if you can do this, you are creating heaven on earth.

5.  A new era of abundance…

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Okay… we are grateful that our extended off-earth family, are now managing matters on earth… whew… thanks for imaging ourselves not being sidetracked from our mission.

ASHTAR: Now, let us talk about what your Mission is. You, Beloveds, are in charge of smoothing the Ascension pathway for those who will come after you.

We did not come to earth to make things difficult during this time… we came here to be of service for this historic transformation and graduation of this species, as we transmute from carbon 2-stranded DNA, to crystalline silica-based DNA…. make sure you’ve got silica going pretty good in your diet…. in the meantime… everything under our feet is shifting…

6.  You know all that stuff about WW3? You do realize there is a big buildup of forces of biblical proportions?
Imagine peace instead…
With humans and galactics… because we are definitely entering some turbulence…

FEB 10 2016   JUDGE ANNA VON REITZOnce that happens, dear hearts, the Other Shoe drops—- and those fake “FBI” agents that have been terrorizing everyone, operating as commercial mercenaries under color of law on our soil? Threatening our people? Murdering our people? Trying to steal our land based on fraudulent claims made by foreign banks? They are going to be facing international war crimes tribunals and most likely, they are all going to be hung with piano wire. That’s a fact. I wouldn’t be one of those despicable men standing around joking about how they shot an unarmed and innocent American for all the tea in China.

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Ashtar Command have already demonstrated they are unbeatable… let’s just all give peace a chance… put down the need to compete and you will be richer sharing with the whole, rather than having a bit for yourself, and usually not being pleased with yourself at the soul level for how you gained it.

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