(Video) How Will The CIA Vanish The Obamas And Who Will Replace Them??


It’s near, the end of the Hussein Obama regime.  While most of us will be relieved to finally see this charade end, will it really end or will another low-level pawn from the CIA be installed as President so the charade can continue?

It’s no secret, many people believe that Hussein, his transgender “wife”  and their “two daughters” were chosen by the CIA to occupy the White House.  Now these same people are wondering just how the CIA is going to vanish this fake family when they need to install the next residents at 1600 Pennsylvania.  Will one of the fence jumpers at the White House finally succeed?  Or maybe they’ll pull a “missing Malaysian airliner” with Air Force One being the plane that’s never found.

And the next question is, who will be replacing our fake President?  Barry Soetoro Esq., Before It’s News, has an idea of who it could be:

Next up for President is a Canadian citizen (and Cuban citizen too)? In other words, a dual-or-triple citizen. Born in Calgary, Canada. With ties to CFR and Goldman Sachs. Whose dad fought FOR the Communist Castro regime in Cuba, before vanishing when the candidate was young – then reappearing after he “found Jesus.”
In other words: A foreigner, with sketchy Communist parents.  Sound familiar?

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