(Video) Video Surfaces Of Ted Cruz Speaking About His Beliefs, You’ll Be Shocked!!


If you’re planning to vote for Ted Cruz or if you’re still undecided on who you’re voting for, you really need to watch this video.  Cruz talks a good game, but maybe voters need to do a little more research on him?  Well, this video will give you a starting point.  Put together by YouTuber Nisky, (who doesn’t try to hide he’s a Trump supporter), it shows some of Ted Cruz’s flip-flops on pretty much all of the important issues.

And then there’s this from Mark Salter, RealClear Politics,

I know that Cruz and his minions boast that he wears the establishment’s animosity as a badge of honor. But before anyone adds more brushstrokes to Cruz’ self-portrait as a modern day Edmund G. Ross, let me point out that at the heart of colleagues’ contempt for him isn’t their distress at finding themselves confronted by a principled conservative, but their belief that he is an imposter.

Do you think Cruz is a real deal conservative?

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  • uptheante99



    When you put together a video showing the REAL Donald Trump in his words, I’ll pay attention to this. Donald had changed his tune too many times, and you are still thinking he is going to be the answer….he’s not.