(Video) Billions Of Dollars In Obama’s 2017 Budget Will Be Spent To Take Away This Constitutional Right!!

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Hussein’s just released $4.1 trillion budget for 2017 is worse than all that have come before and the Republicans better take a stand on this one.  This budget will raise the national debt from $19 trillion to $27.4 trillion over the next decade and that isn’t the worst of it.

Not only does he propose a $2.6 trillion tax hike over the next 10 years, a $10 a barrel tax on oil and $5.5 billion to help millennials find jobs, he also wants BILLIONS to fund his executive gun controls.  It includes money for new FBI agents and $1.3 billion for the ATF, with $35 million of that being spent on new ATF agents.  And of course there’s money for the “mental health” aspects including the gun ban for some Social Security recipients.

One thing is certain, Republicans better take a stand with this budget regardless of what the traitorous Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, wants to do.  Americans will not accept more debt, especially when it’s to fund gun control that is meant to take away our constitutional right to bear arms.


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  • Les Prangley

    DOA… Just like all of his ridiculous “budgets”.

  • mlb_1902

    Stop giving your phony, fake bastards tax write offs if that racist Sharpton got his forgiving. Maybe every citizen should not pay their taxes. That racist piece of trash in oval office has more than proven he is one racist bastard. He keeps the race card going and then sits back and blames it on the whites. That is my freedom of speech and both the gay man and his tranny are over racist and he is not even full black.