(Watch) This Mother Died While Giving Birth Then The Doctors Noticed Something Amazing!

mother dies

Childbirth is said to be the most traumatic thing we’ll ever experience. Tell that to the woman delivering the child!

In days of old, it was almost as common as not for women to die while giving birth. With advancements in modern medicine and our understanding of the human body and the birthing process, the numbers have greatly been reduced in the developed nations, but sadly, many women still die while giving birth.

This incident happened in Queen Anne’s Hospital in Hong Kong. Allegedly, this woman died after spending three hours in hard labor, but when she heard the cries of her newborn baby, she was brought back to life.

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  • Oscar Klipp Sr.

    There is no one that would be happier than me for this to be true, but I’ll call bullshit on this one. I obviously don’t understand their language, but I can sence a lack of exasperation. If this woman had just miraculously returned to life I feel there would be a lot more commotion and excitement going on.

    • A-Better Tree Care

      This is a true story, but fake video. The true story involved an American couple.

    • Katherine Girod

      I agree this looks like a c-section and she just woke up i can not imagine them putting a baby on its dead mother i also call b-s

  • Raejean

    They wouldn’t be placing a baby against a dead woman’s face.

    • Katherine Girod

      I agree

  • Katy De Mattos Frisvold

    Well, she is brazilian, the doctor is speaking portuguese, so how come it is in Hong Kong? Better checking out this story.