(Video) Hillary’s Desperation Has Her Begging And Scrounging On The Streets, This Woman Will Do ANYTHING!!


ABC News tried to explain it away as a photo-op but they haven’t been very convincing.  Especially after Hillary’s National Finance Director for ‘Hillary for America’ announced they have been massively outraised in the past month and began pleading and groveling for donations.

With Bernie Sanders polling ahead of Hillary in New Hampshire and packing his rallies with supporters, Hillary has now been reduced to walking the streets and going door-to-door in Manchester, New Hampshire, begging and scrounging for votes!

The American Mirror described it perfectly and accurately, “Clinton walked the streets of Manchester, New Hampshire Saturday campaigning more like a candidate for county commissioner or state representative than for commander-in-chief just days before the election.”

The only thing that could be more humiliating for Hillary?  A couple of indictments.


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