Video…The Real Reason Why Walmart Is Closing So Many Stores—The Answer Will Floor You!!!


Walmart has been in the lime light for some time now with discussions of them converting some of their stores into FEMA camps and their latest ploy of closing multiple stores across the country—154 to be exact here in America.

But what is the reason for their latest closing of the 154 stores? CBS News reports that it’s because they are located in small urban areas. Check out this video byGary Franchi’s the Next News Network

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I visited the old communistic country of Bulgaria five years ago. There I observed a mass majority of its residents living in minuscule, sardine packed, apartments in the cities. The old regime, who controlled the country, herded its residents into cities causing the rural areas to depopulate. As a result ‘ghost towns’ were left in their place. People left in the rural areas were poor, orphaned, disable, or sick. We witnessed the powerful effects of Agenda 21 at its finest while in Bulgaria.

The fact that Walmart is now closings its stores in rural areas proves their making their bold move to lead people into absolute government control by removing resources and forcing people to move inner city.

Furthermore our government has been leading farmers and ranchers off their land and into urban areas for many years now. Remember what happened at the Hammond and Bundy ranches where the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) went as far as to burn the land the ranchers owned to make it un-grazable for their cattle, and thus stealing the land and herding it up for themselves.

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Not to mention, NAFTA, yet another movement to budge people into the cities; starting with the farmers. The US, along with Mexico and Canada, were all a part of this agreement. Under NAFTA, farmers income have drastically plummeted and millions have lost their land. As a result subsidized government farms have thrived and were left to fill the gaps. Ultimately, meaning more GMO’s and less healthy organic food, thus  increasing the cost of the organic products you see on the shelves today.

The bureaucrats  want control of the populace and the food. Like the old saying goes, “If you control the food, you control the people.” That is the endgame!

They plan to enforce Agenda 21 and shift residences from rural areas into cities has been ignited! Through starvation, removing resources (such as Walmart’s), building roads around towns, and refusing money to the local urban area government, they will forcibly reduce population growth in urban areas.

Think it won’t happen here? Then look at China where Agenda 21 is in full swing. The Chinese military, at the point of a gun, have forcibly removed millions of Chinese farmers from their rural homes into massive ghost cities created by the Chinese government. Check out this video…

Want to know the truth about the governments agenda? Then you’ve really got to see this video! In it I delve through the document “America 2050”, which was composed by the Rockefeller Foundation and it openly parades the idea of forcing rural citizens into the cities by the year 2050.

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By Lisa Haven


  • James Kroeger

    It’s coming folks…are you prepared? And everyone thought I was nuts for becoming a prepper.

  • Vernon Cunningham

    we may have to learn to be self sufficient, and not have the latest gadgets and fad items. be had. it means more work for children. About time they learned what real life is all about.

  • Hilda Beard

    Walmart has run all the little businesses out of Business by under selling them-when Walmart leaves nobody left-they can sell cheaper than a small business can buy

  • Average Joe

    Walmart isn’t that important to me. I NEVER SHOP THERE! If I cant buy it local I’d rather do with out

  • fillybuster

    An incredibly inane article.They shut down the stores because the current demographic can’t support Walmart’s expenses and logistics like transportation costs. And anyone who sees Walmart as a “resource” is a complete idiot.

  • John Walker


  • John Walker

    I boycotted Walmart in 1982, have only been in one a couple times, all Chinese trash. Before Sam Walton Chinese lived in grass huts. Now they own the world.

  • Paul Zavislak

    Cool story bro. Absolute paranoia much. It’s one thing to be suspicious and vigilant in defense of liberty. It’s completely another to publish false and unsubstantiated claims to whip up people. This is why libertarian and conservative outlets are vilified by the “moderates”. The VERY people we need to win over with truth and facts about liberalism. Nice job idiots.

    • That’s all these websites publish is bullshit lies. Why is WalMart closing stores? Because they are not profitable, and they are nearby other, larger stores. Take off the tin foil hats and ya’ll could see the truth, instead of the bullshit these websites push. Seems so many people forget that back in 2007-2008, people were saying that Bush was going to be doing this, implementing martial law, and not leaving the white house. I wonder if anyone can tell me which one of those things DIDN’T happen?

    • oldntrd

      Do some research and you will find these people are speculating but are basing their speculations on written, documented facts. No they are not “Idiots” they are very concerned,”Suspicious and Vigilant”.

    • Lila Linson

      Paul, no one has to try and win anyone over, when people do their research and not just believe what they hear, then they will know the truth! Maybe you will be one of Millions in the Walmart Fema Camps!

  • Miss.Bridget

    It is happening in Australian cities as well,. I used to think it was about the extra rates the council would gain by putting say two or three times the number of people in high density housing on the same footprint of land that was once land for one dwelling. One can extend their arms and touch the apartments on both sides. Australia like most First World countries have signed the UN’s Agenda 21 plan for ‘sustainability’. It has NOTHING to do with ‘sustainability but all do do with corralling the people, they are then far easier to control, Over population is the greatest danger immediately facing the world, not global warming. The Georgia Guide-stones agree with me and the same faceless people who helped draft Agenda 21 would have been the same powerful and influential people that decided on the 10 rules on these Guide-stones…………….NOTE RULE 10 PLEASE.

  • Mathias Bjorkman

    Where walmart leave, many small stores will pop up and take its place. Walmart suck anyway, i rather buy food at local store than walmart.

  • Linda Cote DeBoe

    We have a brand new Walmart being built in our “small” town. We now have 4. I think it all has to do with business and making money.

  • Cake Lady

    They are partners with DHS. That is no theory. It is true. Fact. As far as their plans, I am not authorized to classified information, but I do believe something bad is coming. Nothing would shock me. I do not trust our government one little bit, especially the Obama administration.

  • Ed Van Zyl

    Vote Trump.