(Video) Florida Woman Posts Live Facebook Video Immediately After Being Shot Three Times!!


What do you do after being shot three times while you were in the drive-thru line at Burger King in Opa-locka, Florida?  You record a video and post it Facebook Live, of course.

The woman you see in the video is Donesha S. Gantt, one of the victims of the shooting, panicked and yelling.  Donesha’s mother was one of the two other victims in this shooting.

“Mom got shot three times and if I die…Mom I’m bleeding,” Donesha is heard saying while taking heavy breaths. “Mama I’m bleeding.” With tears running down her cheeks she continues saying, “I know they shot me but it’s good. It’s good… God forgive me for all my sins. God forgive me for everything.”

This is just the beginning, folks…

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